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Update October 13
Click on image above to visit Noirelle magazine.
I decided I no longer am going to be updating this site but I have a new Sims 2 magazine website. Click on the picture above to visit Noirelle magazine

UPDATE 12/19
Added a blue Missoni dress for girls and a blue suit for guys that I had been saving for a while to share.They are the outfits in the picture above. You can dowload them on the female and male pages. Enjoy.
UPDATE 12/15
Hello. I finally have a chance to update the site, I added one female casual. I promise to have more updates very soon...
UPDATE 11/10
It was brought to my attention that I may have been uploading the downloads the wrong way. I went throught and corrected all of the download links. So all the downloads should be working and hopefully show up in your game.
UPDATE 11/06
Added four new female outfits
UPDATE 11/05
Well, it has been a while since updating the site but I have added two female outfits, and two outfits for males
I have downloads for everyday female outfits as well as four everyday outfits for males as of now

Stay a while and have a look around...



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